This is the first – and may be the only – piece that I put out here on an issue in which I don’t lead with an opinion. However, I’ve heard so much fuss about the new show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” lately that I thought I’d solicit views from those of you who have seen it and taken sides with either critics or supporters.

So, is this much to do about nothing, or should we be concerned about the possibility of another attack on blacks on the cultural front?

We do have to raise these questions, and it’s not about pettiness or paranoia. I read a line from a book recently that perfectly describes what I think reflects African Americans’ imperative to be proactive on cultural, political and all other fronts. It said:

“Act or you will be acted upon.”

So, tell me. In Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, are we acting or being acted upon?

See link below:

Women of 'Love & Hip-Hop ATL': Too Far Gone