It’s amazing how many Americans claim to have such high regard for the law – until a law is passed that they don’t like. Then they suddenly feel entitled to rebel against the law. That sense of entitlement is what’s driving the fierce opposition to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold what’s become known as Obamacare.

You can best believe that if the Court had struck down President Obama’s plan to provide affordable healthcare, conservatives would have proclaimed the American legal system is working as it should. But now that the Court has ruled against conservatives’ wishes, what do we get? We get a lot of talk about galvanizing the Tea Party, etc., to search for ways to subvert a decision. We get more frantic saber rattling about the need to crush Obama in the upcoming election.

A contradiction? Where I come from it’s called talking out of both sides of your face. Right wing conservatives have perfected it into an art.

So why, you may wonder, can’t they just obey the law?

Here’s why: There are too many privileged conservatives who feel that the law is designed to serve their interests, and much of the time it does just that. On the few occasions that us common folk prevail with the law, the privileged actually feel that an injustice has been carried out against them. As the Sarah Palin school of logic reflects, it’s their patriotic duty to fight back.

I know. It’s an amazing display of distorted thinking.

Remember, these are the same people, led by “The Donald,” who still raise questions about whether Obama himself is even legal. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many still insist that the president is not a U.S. citizen, and is therefore not legally qualified to run the country.

If some folks can’t get past that silly notion after nearly four years, then it’s easy to understand why the Supreme Court decision is such a bitter pill for them to swallow.

I’ve said it before and will say it again: This latest frothy mouthed response to yet another Obama victory is psychically pushing many right wing conservatives dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. Just imagine what might happen if the man wins election to another four-year term…Splat!